High Hemp Vegan Wrap Review Video

Peace Peace Family! It’s your Brotha None Otha than Brotha SHAWT Baby & im excited to share my review of the 100% Organic High Hemp Vegan Wrap Made in Amsterdam. I’m pleased to say that I have finally found a worthy and effective alternative to nasty tobacco products i used to use such as; White Owls, Swishers, Game Cigarillos, Garcia Vegas and various other pleasant sounding names with candy style packaging. Lets see what these High Hemp Vegan Wraps are all about, and why they’re relevant


While blunt wraps are a preference for many longterm cannabis smokers, i’m sure we can agree the actual leaf, which is processed as fuck and drenched in chemicals, of tobacco products isnt doing our body any justice. When we see anti-tobbacco commercials, we hardly ever associate that with our swishers and what ever we will fill our good kush in. What if you had an alternative to the Cigarette in your mouth smell or the unpleasant and appalling taste left on your tongue?

High Hemp Vegan Wrap Brotha SHAWT Tha Alkaline Hour
High Hemp Vegan Wrap – Tha Alkaline Hour


Here I present the 100% Organic ,or so they say, “High Hemp Vegan Wraps” or “High Hemp Waprs or even “Vegan Wraps”. I just call them “High Hemps” Why not? In this video i’ve reviewed the High Hemp smoke and give the pros but also some cons, or things to think about, when chiefing your good kush in these and other wraps! Be sure to share the video with your friends who need an alternative to tobacco and need an effective way to kick the nicotine habit! Ive also provided links to were you can purchase your own wraps and Butane Free Electric Gassless Lighter for the low! I got you family! You know i do!

*Tha Alkaline Hour DVDS Coming soon to www.BrothaSHAWT.com/Shop*
(Any songs playing in the video can be purchased at www.BrothaSHAWT.com/Shop as well)

Here are links to purchase a whole box of the wraps and different flavors, also you can buy your lighter here too!

High Hemp Vegan Wrap Original Flavor (25 Pack x (2) for $22)
Order Here

High Hemp Vegan Wrap Mango Flavor (25 Pack x (2) for $26): Order Here

High Hemp Vegan Wrap Honey Flavor (25) pack x (2):
Order Here

USB Lighter ($13)
Order Here

Links to purchase music in video:

1st Song: “$$$” (SINGLE) http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1228809923?ls=1&app=itunes

2nd Song:


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Shot in Dallas, Texas High Hills Highland Village Apartments during our Food, Clothing & Shelter Drive. Our production company ” Du Créateur” created edited and co-shot the video & Black Parliament South co-shot the video . Black-owned Media companies based in Dallas, Texas.


Brotha SHAWT Releases “Real Real Queen”

Real Real Queen Brotha SHAWT

Struggling to decide whether its a good enough recording and timely enough to drop “Real Real Queen” Brotha SHAWT says “DROP DAT SHIT”! As he performed the songs at Hero’s Lounge at the #PoetryVsHipHop event in Dallas, Tx. The response was so massive that the Brotha dropped it the very next day! Brotha SHAWT was also immediately invited to POWER214 Internet Radio station and another radio station with DJ Unlady Like!

“Real Real Queen” is a depiction of a young lover motivated by the desire of a real woman. One who has a ghetto side to her but is still delicate. One who keeps”Gin  in her hand bag next to the hot sauce and rocket!” Brotha SHAWT Continues to say he wants a Real Real Queen thats going to contribute to “building” some sort of “dream”, not a woman who is going to get caught up on the scene! Dont that sound like a woman you want?YES, LAWD! And She Melanated!!  Look out for the mastered and remixed version! Until then jam on!


They say Brotha SHAWT is a Conscious Artist, making songs such as “Sell Dope” & “Real Real Queen” fall under the Conscious Category .. Brotha SHAWT personally doesnt see it that way, he feels he is only sharing segments of his life and situations in his environment. To say Brotha SHAWT makes Conscious Hip Hop music may suggest that Brotha SHAWT is indeed “in tune” with the origins of Hip Hop. Where practitioners Consciously spread awareness of their conditions in their realties. In that sense SHAWT would say he is a conscious artist. The Brotha will also admit that his connection to the Consciosu Hip Hop scene as unorthidox, until Kenderick Lamars’ (also labeled a conscious artist by many) conscious music didnt have thump in it, nothing to ride to in the Caddillac sippin congac and gingerale too. Brotha SHAWT definitely has that thump to put in ya trunk!


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NEW EPISODE: Tha Alkaline Hour ” How To Make Almond Milk”

This is a rather easy process. A fun activity to do with the kids aswell. All you need is:

RAW Almonds
Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
Optional* Other Sweeteners, chocolate or vanilla.

Cheese Cloth
Glass Jar

Soak your RAW Almonds for at least 8 hrs. Toss them in a blender for 2 minutes add sweeteners and flavorings. Place cheese cloth around cup, pour liquid in, removing the pulp (don’t throw away! These can be used in other recipes) and boom! Your very own Almond Milk with out the Cyanide and Emulsifiers .

New Music: “Sell Dope”

Dallas Local Artist, Brotha SHAWT, has hit the streets with new tunes depicting the ambitions of many of the youth in his demographic. Brotha SHAWT also speaks on alternatives which devotees to the streets could transition to. Hear it now!

1st Annual Warriors Weekend

Brotha SHAWT will be in attendance 20th-21st at the First Annual Warriors Weekend presented by “Geronimo Tactical”. This event will be a spin off of the last years July 8-10th weekend where participants engaged in a massive group work out with special guest. This year will focus on Fire Arms safety Number 1. Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun Training and another group work out. Unleash your inner Guerilla! Ticket Information Here